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Born in Groningen in 1993, I now live in Warffum, a small and quiet village in the north of the Netherlands. I've spent my primary school years on the island of Sardinia where I've developed a strong preference for colourful themes, such as fruit, flowers and sunny landscapes. Therefore it is quite unfortunate that I should live in a country that is mostly grey, apart from a short period in summer! Luckily, I also find inspiration in the complex forms of trees and plants and in the poetic lines of the human body. We have all that in Holland.
In 2013 I've started my education at the Klassieke Academie voor Schilderkunst in Groningen, which I've stopped frequenting in 2016, because I preferred independent learning. I'm presently working on several projects and preparing for my next biggest expo which will be in February 2020 at Galerie Bonnard, by whom I'm being represented.